ProjectileSTRIX, a joint Bofors/Saab Dynamics venture, is a 120 mm mortar-launched, terminally guided, top-attack anti-armour projectile, for destroying tanks and armoured fighting vehicles. It is the only operational weapon of its kind in the world.

STRIX guides itself right on to the target, attacking it from above where the armour protection is weakest. It has also excellent behind armour effect. The passive IR homing device gives the system automatic target tracking even at night and in heavy countermeasures environments.

The superior accuracy of STRIX is attained by the IR-seeker and side thruster rockets being controlled by intelligent image processing and guidance computers. STRIX discriminates decoys and burning targets.
The STRIX projectile can be launched from any conventional smooth bore 120 mm mortar system and has a range in excess of 7 km. The advanced shaped charge is capable of penetrating explosive reactive armour, ERA. It is extremely accurate, permits easy training, easy handling and easy maintenance. It is a true fire-and-forget system and gives mortars a new dimension – pinpoint accuracy.