Air Defence Systems

A high capacity air defence has a twofold purpose: it can deter an aggressor and it can protect the entire battle zone with its defending forces, civilian populations and both military and commercial assets at all levels from air attacks – at any time of the day or night and in all weather conditions. Bofors’ air defence systems fulfill all these key requirements and, furthermore, to help us find the exact solution to our customers needs we have the unique computerized, simulation programme – SILVIA.

TriAD 40 mm AD Turret

An autonomous, armoured, air defence turret.

CV90 40 mmTriAD is a prime protector of mechanized units at the front edge of the battle area. It is adaptable and can be configured with most types of combat vehicles.
The turret system has advanced sensors, such as the search radar with helicopter detection mode, an optronic sight system with night combat capability and a fire control system with threat evaluation. The helicopter mode and threat evaluation give the turret its very short reaction time.

The 40 mm L/70B gun is based on the Bofors 40 mm L/70 air defence gun but is adapted to the requirements of the combat vehicle.

The ammunition used by TriAD is the Bofors 40 mm 3P 6-mode programmable round with the ability to defeat many types of targets. For combating armored targets, such as combat vehicles, the kinetic energy 40 mm APFSDS-T round is used.

The six-mode 40 mm 3P (Prefragmented Programmable Proximity-fused) round gives a function to match each target. In a combat vehicle the Impact and Armour Piercing functions are used for defeating soft targets and light armored targets in the close conditions of urban warfare. The Gated Proximity function is used against aerial targets, even at low altitude and in heavy ECM environments. For ATGM groups and attack helicopters in concealed positions the Time Function is used: the time of flight to target is programmed, the shell bursts over the target area and releases a cloud containing more than 2500 lethal fragments.

TRIDON AD Gun System

A 40 mm VSHORAD development concept in several configurations.

TRIDON can also be a cost-effective upgrading alternative and has been configured to meet and destroy the air threat wherever it appears. It is a high fire-power, highly mobile autonomous 40 mm gun system mounted on a 6x6 all-terrain chassis. The system concept gives short reaction time, high firing endurance and deployment in less than 60 seconds.

Everything required to combat the enemy, from command and control to ammunition and spares is carried on mount. And with Bofors 40 mm 3P ammunition it can take on almost any threat and defeat lightly armored vehicles, surface targets, concealed troops and attack helicopters.
For the Swedish coastal defence forces a version called TriKA is under development. A prototype with optronic fire control system has been tested during 1998 and fitted with IR-search system for trial during 1999.